Crafting a story: Kallisto

Callendria 'Kalllisto' Istorghen

Callendria ‘Kalllisto’ Istorghen – Illustration by Rosalind-WT

Family name: Callendria Istorghen.
Known as: Kallisto.
Race: Human undead
Allegiance: The Forsaken / The Horde.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Profession: High Priestess.
Traits: Tenacity and perseverance.

Undertaker Mordo was just rambling on carrying on his duties, and today was clean-up day. It was time to toss those that did not awake, into the fire. Rotten flesh is fine to the Forsaken and it’s more then welcome, but if it’s just taking up space then it’s much better to use it as literal canon-fodder for the machines of war.

Mordo slowly but surely carried on with his task, he grabbed some rotten corpse by the leg and dragged from the small niche where it layed to a small pile of carcasses ready to be carried upstairs to the entrance of the crypt, he then pulled out yet another unfamiliar body and placed it in the same pile… Now he grabbed one more by the rotting wrist, but this time, the body grabbed back…

– “Who are you?!” said the newly awakened corpse, looking stupified while grabing Mordo’s wrist, and as suddenly as she realized what she was grabbing she let it go, she was grabbing the wrist of Mordo, a walking, breathing, pale corpse. She started yelping a shriek, but contained her self, hands on her mouth, yet her hands were bony and rotting, she looked at them with incredulity, her eyes and mouth wide open in awe. She looked back at the “man” who woke her from her slumber. – “Wh.. Wh… Who? What.. happened to me? Where am I?” She said while looking around searching for anything that might be familiar.
Mordo was just staring back the entire time, no fascination whatsoever on his face, just an expression of boredom as if the situation was trivial to him like sweeping the floor is to a servant, finally he replied. – “About time you woke up. We were ready to toss you into the fire with the others, but it looks like you made it. I am Mordo, the caretaker of the crypt of Deathknell. And you are the Lich King’s slave no more.”

* * * * *

Found in a crypt after the aftermath of the third war, under what is know today as Deathknell, Kallisto was once a highly regarded priest apprentice of the kingdom of Lordaeron. Daughter of humble farmers, she was asked by her father to take the cloth and embrace the Light so that she could avoid the same fate of working the fields her entire life like her parents had to.

Kallisto had only taken the priesthood short of a year, yet the potential was reveling itself immensely, as if destiny had chosen her to take the path of the Light. Yet the wheels of fate turned in a way no one had expected, perhaps fortunately, perhaps not.

Her true story began only after she succumbed to the first outbreaks of the plague to the north of the kingdom just before the third war broke, word has it that she was put down by Arthas Menethil himself during his incursion to the north to investigate the first signs of the plague, but that’s merely folklore and mith. It was thought she was burned like the rest that fell to the effects of the plague, but the truth is her corpse was carried back and thrown with the rest around Deathknell to serve as an eventual recruit for the armies of the Scourge.

Yet, fate had decided that Kallisto was not meant for the despicable acts of the Scourge, in fact the entire events of the third war went by whilst the would be priest didn’t even flinch, until one day – some three years after the war ended – long after the Scourge had lost its ground, Kallisto had a rude awakening by a graveyard keeper named Mordo…

* * * * *

Kallisto is now regarded as one of the most powerful priestesses of the Horde. Under the banner of the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner, Kallisto has succeeded in multiple campaigns against the enemies of the Horde. Her presence was most notable in conflicts such as the battle of Blackrock Spire to dethrone the offpsirng of Deathwing, Nefarian, down to the very bottom of said mountain, inside Blackrock Depts to push back Ragnaros to the elemental plane. The war effort in Silithus and the defeat of the Silithid empire and the Old God C’thun was also a feat not strange to her.

Despite these outstanding efforts, the Forsaken priest had hunger for more. Although manipulating the power of The Light is somewhat painful for the undead, she wanted to learn more about manipulating the divine Light and progress with the career she could not during life. Bringing down her enemies and the enemies of the Forsaken while learning the necessary traits of Priesthood was the fuel to her fire, so Kallisto kept fighting, aiding in the confrontation and pacification in the Outlands, beyond the dark portal.

Alas, one of her most successful campaigns was still to come with the incursion to Nothrend’s interior, where the threat of the Lich King reignited. It was a personal fight for her, the emergence of the Lich King and the plague of undeath was the entire reason she is what she is today, the world had changed completely to the eyes of a Forsaken.
She wasn’t sure if she wanted vengeance, answers or some sort of closure for everything that happened to her and the abomination of a race the Lich King had created; she just wanted something, anything, anything that made her feel alive and with a purpose.
Despite an immense loss of lives, and even inner turmoil between the Forsaken and the remaining factions of the Horde due to the incident with Grand Apothecary Putress, the Kingslayer was finally brought to justice.

By this time, the great priestess was considering to leave the battlefields permanently, as she had seen too much war and death already, but alas, when the Cataclysm hit it took the world by surprise, reshaping and shattering the continents.
Thousands of lives were lost, and Kallisto, upon request of her Queen, took up the banner of the Forsaken once more to represent the Horde in the Twilight wars that were to come and re-enforce the lingering alliance with the rest of the horde.
Old enemies re-emerged, Nefarian, once Lord of Blackrock Spire was brought from the dead. Ragnaros was now summoned in full force of his destructive capabilities, as he was never seen before. And at long last, the inevitable battle against Deathwing – the Aspect of Death – was at hand, in what was to be one of the longest and toughest war encounters in written history. Even with the aid of the remaining Aspects of Life, Time, Magic and the Dreamer, it still proved to be an extremely hard and tiresome battle.

Priestess Kallisto is today – and has been for several years – a decorated war veteran of the Banshee Queen, a Hero of the Forsaken and the Horde, fighting for years along side many other war Heroes like the orc hunter and beast master Prod’Gal, the legendary orc Horde warrior Marhug ‘The Shielder’, Forsaken brother of arms Christian ‘The Vermin’ Doming, master of dark magic and Warlock, and even the Death Knight known only as Rated the Hater, earning the name due to his harsh and strict opinion upon any poorly maintained war gear and weaponry of his colleagues.

And that is but an introduction of the story of the great priestess of the Forsaken. Once part of the living, without a clear path; now an undead with a path filled of victories.
Known many years ago as Callendria Istorghen, that name is now merely a memory, a distant whisper of a life gone by long ago, for now she is merely know as Kallisto of the Undercity.


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