“I’ll Put It On Your Tab”

Contents included in the C.E.

At least that’s what Chen Stormstout used to say back in the day I played Warcraft III, and boy was that game good. I was not the biggest fan of RTS’s at that time, but Warcraft stuck with me, to the point I was aching for an RPG of the franchise instead of a fourth RTS. Eventually WoW was announced, and I melted away in exaggerated young adult happiness.

Back then WoW was something to look forward to, it was the next big thing, it was their “Titan” at the time. I was probing forums about it and guild searching two years before it was actually released, and when it finally was I went with the obvious choice of a collector edition, and since then I’ve been collecting them all, building up a wall of Warcraftness at home, one by one, it looks amazing.

But you gotta have’em all, if you miss one then what’s the point, it’s like having an incomplete collection of something you love, it’s annoying. Although I’ve been loosing more and more interest over the years about the game, it’s been seven years after all, I can’t help but miss playing it if I make a pause of two or three months. Plus I still have the collection to finish, so now that Mists of Pandaria can be gazed upon the horizon I couldn’t help myself but to pre-order this and put it on my tab with Stormstout.

Although this expansion is receiving mockery due to the Pandaren, I find it unfair since the concept of the panda race existed long before the Kun-Fu Panda movie (a great movie by the way), and it’s extremly funny to see people jumping on the hate-wagon and drawing the line at pandas when it’s always been a game with cow-people, pig-people, fish-people-dragon-people, snake-people, bear-people, space-goat-people, insect-people, buffalo-people, I could go on and on, and people complain because it’s panda-people now? C’mon…


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