Rant #2

So last Sunday was my last day of that work-week, just before I went for my day off I had to hit the jackpot with a customer.
I’ve changed jobs since Rant #1 happened, but the work area is the same, ergo the same type of situations happen. Early morning a guy comes in and gets to have me attending the tills, and in his all-knowing ‘wisdom’ and quite bluntly he tells me he needs/wants a charger for the Nintendo DSLite he bought the day before and that we “have to” give one to him because we didn’t provide one.

The first thing you always ask is the receipt, he said he had it and proceeded to show it to me, he also had the DSL which he flashed over by me, it seemed legit but I didn’t even get to check the serial number because next thing I know is him now telling me we did give him a charger but it was the wrong one because it wouldn’t fit on the DS port, I said DS models have slightly different charger models and he was probably just been given the wrong model charger (it was the fat colleague with a lack of attention to detail but that’s another story).
Next I tell him to just bring over the charger he was given along with everything else (receipt and DS) and we’ll just swap for a correct one, he starts rambling that he just wants a charger and has the receipt, I tell him that we can’t just give him a charger if he already has one, he needs to bring the wrong one so we can give him the right one, obviously. He finally conceded, mumbling that he spent gas coming from whatever high-class shit-hole he lives in and should be handed a charger because he has no need for a wrong charger. Yes, you don’t need it, but we do… and we can’t just let you have two chargers now can we?…

Why the hell does he bring me the console and receipt but not the charger provided – which he first said we didn’t provide – is beyond me.
Listen people, and get it in your heads once and for all; If you buy something from wherever and something is wrong with it, you have to bring all of it, everything that came with that package, especially if it’s the wrong charger/screen/cd/manual/dildo whatever it is, you don’t get to keep the thing just because it was the wrong one. Yes, ‘we’ (the fat guy) did a mistake, but if I sell you a pair of Goodyear tyres by mistake, you bring them back and get the Continental’s you wanted in the first place, you don’t get to keep the Goodyears… Makes sense yes?

But wait, there’s more. After he reluctantly agrees to bring back the charger – remember all of this was always spoken in an aggressive tone and body language as if we were the incompetent ones (well, ‘we’ were, but he raised the bar).
Next he goes and brings me one DS and one 3DS game to pay for, I do the transaction without a flinch since the ‘gentleman’ already had me on edge. Before going further let me say this right now; usually with normal people that aren’t dicks I always remember to tell them that it’s a 3DS game, not DS (although we don’t have to), but this guy was so upsetting I didn’t even remember to do so.
He comes back just 5 minutes later and asks if this game will work on his DS. I said no it won’t, so he starts giving me a lecture that we “have to” let customers know that it was not compatible, and that I saw his DS, he showed it to me and that “I knew” he was buying it for that system.

Here’s another ‘trick-of-the-trade’ for people buying stuff in retail stores: We don’t “have to” tell you anything… If you ask if this game or device is good or not we give you an opinion, and advice. If you ask if this game is compatible with this console we give you a fact, if it is, or if it’s not. If you ask! If you don’t we don’t have to tell you a thing, so regardless of showing me that DSLite, he could be buying that 3DS game for someone else for all I know. So no, I didn’t “knew” he was buying that game for that DSLite because he was never explicit about it in the first place. It’s not my fault you’re uninterested in your kids hobbies and don’t perform any homework on what you are buying beforehand.

One thing I’ve learned in retail is that you never assume anything, because what happens later is what the bad guy in that shitty movie says. So a good retailer never assumes anything unless the customer confirms it by himself or after you ask “I assume that <insert text>” and the costumer confirms it.

Seeing as that peculiar customer was a rude man to say the least, and he left me upset and at the brink of my serenity, I didn’t remember to even ask, my primordial brain was just saying ‘get rid of him’, so I guess I didn’t want to do conversation. But I guess no one dealing with such a egotistical smart-ass person would.

So in the end, and not to prolong myself much longer, I enjoyed very very much telling him that we couldn’t cash refund the 3DS game, because it wasn’t our fault he was uninformed about what he was buying. But hey, you can get a voucher and spend it in the shop you now hate so much, that’s gotta count for something!

Moral of the story:

  • The best costumer is the one that does the homework prior to buying. Always ask retailers for opinions on items, not facts, facts we might make mistakes on, in this day in age ask Google if you want facts.
  • Be nice to the people that are serving you your items or food. Remember we can always screw you more then you can screw us, we don’t get fired because you decide to file a pointless complaint like this one, because the managers know very well the difference between a moron and a customer.



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