The lack of boars in Cataclysm

By Brosephine, Human Paladin @ Silvermoon EU
Taken from the EU forums:

(This was too good to leave it alone)

“I can’t help but notice that Cataclysm has had a distinctive lack of boars. When I leveled through the Vanilla content I was asked to kill boars. When I was done killing boars, I was asked to kill some more. Wherever I went, I was asked to kill boars. Burning Crusade came along, with more boars, fel boars. But then WotLK came, and everyone was especting frostboars but… no boars. Not a single boar.

So I was thinking, surely Blizzard will see to this injustice to be fixed in Cataclysm, but there were no seaboars in Vashj’ir, no fireboars in Hyjal, no stoneboars in Deepholm, no desert boars in Uldum and not even the Dragonmaw orcs had boars! But they’re orcs! Now you tell me there’s not boars in the Firelands?

So will we see the return of the mighty boar in MoP?”

So yeah, Blizzard where are my liver-less boars?


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