Challenging Challenge Modes


Regarding challenge modes in the upcoming World of Warcraft – Mysts of Pandaria expansion.

If I were to be asked by Blizzard my opinion, I’d have to say “challenge mode” does not seem challenging at all at this time, and I hope they really take into account this type of feedback. I absolutely agree, running a dungeon ASAP to get more score/points/whatever is definitely not a challenge, not in the context of what Warcraft is.

Look at the current state of heroics (and the same started to happen by the middle of Wrath), you queue up and run the thing as fast as humanly possible, skipping this and that boss. We’re already doing challenge mode today, we just don’t get rewards for it.
If we are to have a real challenge mode that actually makes sense in wow, then make it proper, as gear equalization doesn’t seem enough at this time.
A few suggestions would be:

No boss skipping.
It’s challenge mode, ‘everything-has-to-die’ would make sense.
CC should be rewarded.
As in, the amount of times/CC combos and ‘where/on who’ was CC was used, and extra score/points should be earned for it.
Create very particular achievements for it.
With this I mean specific achievements, like “Have the pack of <boss name>’s 3 bodyguards being Polymorph, Unconcious (sap), and scared to death (fear) before <boss name>’s lands his first blow”. Create different combinations!
Reward ‘oh shit’ situations that were overcome.
Did the party nearly wipe? But didn’t because those 2 guys managed to stay alive and finish the pack/boss? More score to the party then!
‘All Clear’ reward.
Kill every single pack and boss on that instance and get more points!
Speed run(?)
The faster you clear it the better, but! How well did you fair in the other fields? If you cleared the dungeon as fast as possible but didn’t do CC’s, Skipped some trash and other variables, then you won’t get a lot of points anyway, in fact, the amount of points you get for a ‘speed run’ should be low in comparison to the rest of the variables.

What if I actually want a speed run?
Sure, more power to you then, but I’d suggest you make a specific mode just for it. That way we could have:

Normal mode dungeons.
(for teh nabs)
Heroic mode dungeons.
(or remove them altogether being replaced by challenge modes)
Challenge mode dungeons.
(my suggestion above)
Speed-run mode dungeons.
(run and clear bosses asap to get your rewards)
Tower Defense/Survival mode.
(hell, let’s make it interesting! Survive through several waves of incoming mobs that keep coming through specific doors in the instances, the more waves you survive… you get the point)

Add some Blizzard magic dust to it, and it would turn out amazingly fun to run a 5man again in my opinion.

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