Under the Knife! (2)

Yes, under the knife 2! That will be my situation within less then a week, and being the gaming ‘tard’ that I am, I couldn’t help myself but to fool around with existing games and use them as an analogy. Even “2” was specifically selected since it’s technically the second time I’m going under, that’s how sad I am :3.

In short, this surgery is something that will finally put a lid on some unfinished business for the past.. 28 years really. My diagnostic was, and still is, Pulmonary Valvular Stenosis, this basically translates in general symptoms of lowered oxygenation of the blood, quick fatigue, purple tone of the face and hands, etc. The most noticeable of them being the fatigue, rendering me tired as hell just after some minimal effort (running, carrying weights).

This surgery will finally fix that – rather then amend it temporarily like the first time (but it wasn’t possible to do so at the time anyway) – and finally give me a, long expected, better life quality, trivial things like being able to ride a bike will be possible, Oh joy!

“Y U NO RIDE BIKE AT 28?” ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)



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