Blizzard Partners With Mega Bloks

Let me say here first that technically I don’t really care, because I wouldn’t pick them up anyway even if it was LEGO, not exactly my priority these days.

With that said, I’m a regular lego fan I guess, I loved them when I was younger, had loads of’em, but not enough (you [u]never[/u] have enough legos , ever!). I can really appreciate that work you’ve done with that castle and starship, really really nice work man. I remember creating from scratch the car/tank from ‘Aliens’ and having it for over a year unable to muster the courage to dismantle it, it was absolutely beautiful.

Shame about Blizzard thou, I can understand their decision, it was a good financial decision, a very good one, but long term it will have it’s own repercussions and reveal it self as a bad business decision overall.
This coming from a company that prides on quality, just looks, terrible, even as a PR move, it just looks wrong.
I believe the fact of being an American company and looking out for their US community a lot more then, say Europe or Asia, has a lot to do with this decision.

Outside the US people have no idea what the hell are ‘Megabloks’, and usually most companies like to go for the quality things if they [u]can’t[/u] get away with going with a cheaper one, which is the case of legos. It’s quite obvious that if your company sides with lego to expand your franchise, it means you care about quality stuff, while siding with a sub-par look-a-like will just seem greedy and like I said above, a very bad PR move.

Luckily for Blizzard, a lego/blok sets of their games aren’t one of the main concerns and things that the fans want or demand, (but it could be! just look at Harry Potter and Star Wars) so they can get away with the cheapest one.
This decision however is most likely going to backfire and their expansion of the franchises (warcraft, diablo, starcraft) to blocky versions will probably fail miserably, because megabloks just doesn’t have the know-how, notoriety and quality enough to build a great sub-product of what they already have, it will be mediocre at best, with mixed reviews and a commercial failure, but don’t quote me on that, it’s merely my opinion.

Blizzard is playing safe, and thinking this can be an add-on of their franchises, and thus sales, when they should think that this could be an extension of those franchises to lego lovers and the world besides the US of A. Who knows, even influencing people who never heard about or didn’t care about Blizzard to try their games. Megabloks will never achieve that.. it just won’t, it’s way out of their league. And that’s Blizzard’s first (big) mistake with this partnership.

As for the parts, the necessary parts required to ensemble sets, I just have to indulge whoever mentioned them (forgot the name). The parts required to make any Blizzard game set would be minimal, most of the parts to create anything (and I mean anything) are already there (in lego). But just look at Lego Harry Potter, Pirates, Batman, Indiana, Starwars… It would be just a matter of creating a few dozen, [u]maybe[/u] a hundred something new pieces, but that’s it. It’s a drop in an ocean of thousands upon thousands of different pieces.
This decision had a lot of variables put into it, but if required parts was one of them, then that would just give the community an excuse to call them lazy, either Blizzard or Lego, we don’t know, but the ‘parts’ thing would be a p!ss-poor excuse to add to the list of ‘why-we-won’t-go-lego’.

TLDR: They should have gone with LEGO.


Press Release:

At Blizzcon:

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